To join

LMO Association

The purpose of this association under the french law of 1901 is:

  • to promote osteopathy.
  • to establish and encourage links between French and foreign practitioners of the Osteopathic Mechanical Link.
  • to keep the directory of LMO practitioners up to date.
  • to make available documents for LMO practitioners.
  • to manage the website


To be a member of the association you must​ :

  1.  Have a professional title in your country allowing the legal practice of osteopathy (or equivalent: manual medicine, chiropractic, etiopathy...).
  2.  To have followed the basic training of the Osteopathic Mechanical Link (6 courses).
  3.  Practice mainly the Osteopathic Mechanical Link in the framework of his professional practice.
  4.  To be up to date with the membership fee of 50 euros per calendar year.

Association LMO Registration Form