Basic course series

The basic course series is given over 6 courses of 3 days each.  At the end of this series, the practitioner is able to assess and treat the entire patient. 

LMO 1 is an introduction to Mechanical Link in your practice.  This course is a prerequisite to all other courses.

The different osteopathic establishments that organise Mechanical Link basic course series, whether in France or internationally, all follow the program validated by the LMO association and detailed below.

The presenters are all experienced osteopaths who use Mechanical Link exclusively in their practice.

The LMO association has no ties to any particular osteopathic school, even though courses are held on their premises.

N.B. Registration to the courses, as well as any administrative formalities (payment, course attestation, etc.) are arranged directly with the organising establishment concerned.


Program of the basic course series



LMO 1   Introduction to Mechanical Link with the spine and thorax




LMO 2   Osteoarticular periphery




LMO 3   Osseous head




LMO 4   Viscera




LMO 5   Cardiovascular system




LMO 6   Nervous system