In a nutshell

Mechanical Link is an osteopathic method of diagnosis and treatment termed as systemic "since it takes into account the interdependence of the different elements and systems (anatomical, physiological) that constitute the human body but also the environmental factors...".  It is a method that is original, novel, as well as traditional.

As with any rigorous osteopathic approach, before treating a patient, the Mechanical Link practitioner must first and foremost ensure it is pertinent to undertake an osteopathic treatment.  In some cases, referral to a specialist, better equipped to deal with the situation of the patient, is warranted.

It is useful for patients to know that the body may need a certain time to adapt to the treatment and recover its balance.  Reactions such as fatigue, soreness or some pain may occur during the 2 to 3 days following the treatment and before improvement is noticeable.  In most cases, 2 to 3 consultations, several weeks apart, will potentially be necessary for the treatment.  As in any health related field, regular follow-ups are advised.

For preventative purposes, in the absence of any symptoms or pain and according to the patient's level of activity, a consultation once or twice a year is advised.  The method applied in this case is the same, since Mechanical Link aims to preserve and maintain, through regular monitoring, all facets of the body's equilibrium.