Advanced courses

The advanced courses complete the basic course series for those who wish to learn even more.

It is given over 4 courses of 3 days: Master 1, Master 2, Master 3, Master 4 in any order you wish to follow them.

These Master courses are an opportunity for Mechanical Link practitioner to further their knowledge, to learn about the approach to particular themes (pregnancy, perinatality, dysmorphoses, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, postural balance, venolymphatic insufficiency, etc...) and widen their diagnostic field with new osteopathic tests addressing the central nervous system, the epiphyseal lines of the osseous system, the perineum, the lines of force of the thorax, etc...


Program of the advanced course series


Master 1 :  osteoarticular system

Prerequisites : LMO 1 and  LMO 2 


Master 2 : visceral system and vascular system

Prerequisites : LMO 1, LMO 4 and LMO 5


Master 3 : peripheral and central nervous system

Prerequisites : LMO 1 and LMO 6


Master 4 : cranium and vestibular system

Prerequisites : LMO 1 and LMO 3