- Paul CHAUFFOUR, a French osteopath, graduated in 1971 from the European School of Osteopathy (E.S.O.) in Maidstone, Kent (UK), and started practicing in Lyon, France.

  • By 1978, he had developed all the fundamental principles of Mechanical Link and has since been using it exclusively in his daily practice.
  • All these principles were presented in 1985 in a first book by Paul CHAUFFOUR and the late Dr Jean Marie GUILLOT, Le Lien Mécanique Ostéopathique, substrat anatomique de  l'homéostasie.
  • Before this publication Paul CHAUFFOUR  was already teaching at the E.S.O., at the CIDO in Saint Etienne as part of the undergraduate program of Osteopathy and to physicians at the Medical Faculty of Bobigny, Paris XIII.
  • At the same time as this publication, Paul CHAUFFOUR teaches his method to French and foreign osteopaths as part of their postgraduate education.
  • In 1986 Paul CHAUFFOUR, who believes that "the periphery is not peripheral to Osteopathy" publishes with the late Ange CASTEJON, osteopath: Médecine Ostéopathique, Techniques périphériques, membres inférieurs tome 1.


In 1990, Eric PRAT, a French osteopath who graduated in 1988 fron the A.T.STILL Académie, in Lyon (France), joins Paul CHAUFFOUR. Together, they considerably further the diagnostic and treatment method that is Mechanical Link.

The result of their work is published in the United States: Mechanical Link, Fundamental Principles, Theory, and Practice Following an Osteopathic Approach and in 2003, in France: Le Lien Mécanique Ostéopathique, Théorie et pratique.

During this time, they develop a teaching method and course documents that they are constantly improving.

In their wake, they take with them a number of osteopaths who join the teaching team.


- With Dr Jacques MICHAUD, osteopath and physician, pain specialist, more reference books are published.

in 2009 : Mechanical Link, arteries and autonomic nervous system.

in 2012 : Mechanical Link, osteopathic lesions of bone.

in 2017 : Mechanical Link, key points of the nervous system.


- Postgraduate training is given in France and in several other countries.  Part of the curriculum is taught today in undergraduate programs in some schools in France.