Introduction to Mechanical Link in practice with the spine and thorax



3 day course

Objective :

This course presents the Osteopathic Mechanical Link methodology and its practical application to the occipito-vertebro-pelvic axis and the thorax.

The Osteopathic Mechanical Link concept rests on several fundamental points:

Localising anatomical structures with the cutaneous depression technique.

The tension tests which clearly diagnose loss in tissue elasticity, in a reliable and reproducible manner (*).

The inhibitory balance tests that result in the diagnosis of secondary and dominant lesions.

The recoil, for an adjustment without manipulation or mobilization, using a simple, quick and efficient technique.

The spine is approached in an entirely unique way.

Several new developments (filum terminale, segmental lesions of the sacrum, disc lesions, etc...) are presented in this course.

The posterior and anterior thorax is assessed using articular tests (costovertebral, chondrocostal and sternochondral joints, as well as sternoclavicular joint) and intraosseous tests (sternebrae and clavicle).

Introduction to arteries, nerves, muscles, ligaments and practical applications.

This is the reference course required to be eligible to the other courses.


Program :

DAY 1 (8 hours)


Presentation of the Osteopathic Mechanical Link concepts.

Physiology and pathology of the osteopathic lesion, the total lesion and the primary lesion.  Tension tests, inhibitory balance tests and recoil.

Initiation to the practice of the recoil

Demonstration of a treatment of the spine and thorax.


Theory, demonstration and practice of the tests from the 1st and 2nd sequences of the OVP axis: occiput, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, intraosseous sacrum and ilium.

Specific and analytical tests of the vertebral segment (vertebral and disk lesions).  Treatment by recoil of the lumbar spine posteriorly and anteriorly (anterolisthesis).


DAY 2 (8 hours)

Morning : 

Specific and analytical tests of the cervical vertebrae.  Treatment by recoil of the cervical spine posteriorly and anteriorly.

Theory, demonstration and practice of the 3rd sequence of the OVP axis: articular sacrum, sacral dura, filum terminale, articular and intraosseous coccyx, ischia. 


Treatment by recoilof the 3rd sequence of the OVP axis.

Theory, demonstration and practice of the posterior thorax and the scapula. Tension tests, balance tests and treatment by recoil.


DAY (8 hours)


Theory, demonstration, palpatory localisation and practice of the anterior thorax: sternum, articular and intraosseous clavicle, costal arches.  Tension tests, balance tests and treatment by recoil.


Demonstration of a complete Osteopathic Mechanical Link treatment.

Summary and practical review of a complete treatment of the spine and the thorax.



(*) Reliabilitätsstudieüber die Befunderhebung der Wirbelsäulenach der Methode der Lien Mécanique Ostéopathique, Master ThesiszurErlangung des Grade “Master of Science”. Claudia Hafen-Bardella, Ostéopathe M Sc DO, Burgdorf, November 2009.