Préface Mechanical Link

Paul Chauffour's unique method of care brings into focus the guiding principles upon which osteopathy is founded: to search for the cause of a problem rather than simply treat the symptoms; to have full respect for the tissues; to maintain a global patient perspective at all times; and to place the greatest value on the innate curative power of the human organism. I commend him for seeing the truth within the human body, and for committing his life to its care.


John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M.

Founder of The Upledger Institute and author of Your Inner Physician an You



Osteopathy and physical therapy are highly regarded throughout Europe, and Paul Chauffour is renowned as one of our first pionneers. He has had a major influence on the landscape of healthcare with his original form of therapy based on subtle manual listening.

Starting from any point on the body, Paul is able to use his Mechanical Link method to determine, quickly and precisely, which parts need to be helped. The techniques are performed with very little recoil in order to stimulate the auto-corrective action of the organism. In this way the never force change upon the body but instead create the opportunity for the body to heal itself.

Paul is an artist, and his method is so gentle it can be applied as successfully to the newborn baby as the elderly. He is an excellent practitionner and a good man, and it shows whenever he treats a patient or teaches a student.

I am honored to call Paul a friend. And I warmly encourage every manual therapist to read his book and learn from him.


Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O. 



Chauffour's creativity and humility deeply impress me. He discovered two techniques in particular that therapists use all the times: the sophisticated recoil technique and the inhibitory balance for manual diagnosis. His work in such areas helps practitioners easily access many different body structures, including viscera and articulations. Chauffour has made a distinct impression on the field of manual therapy.


Bruno Chikly, M.D., D.O. (hon.)

author of Silent Waves: The Theory and Pactice of Lymph Drainage Therapy